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Expert Care in Sexual Problems

It boosts the level of testosterone hormones and rejuvenates, elongate, strengthen the muscles and also improves the blood flow in the body.

No Side effects

It is purely herbal product made with organic herbs like, Ashwagandha Roots, Kesar, Kaunch Beej, Akarkara Root, Tribhang Bhasm, Makardhwaj and other vital herbs.

Capsule Vs. Powder

The powder form available in the market contains creatine chemical, which is harmful for the sexual body parts, while capsules contains natural products, which would not harm the body.

Our Advantages You have a number of reasons to choose us!

Our product is 100 percent organic and has no side effects. It is not a medicine it is a supplement which supplies minerals and provides many advantageous elements to the vital organs of the body.

  • It is 100 percent organic.
  • It comes in Capsule form and saves the body from the harmful effects of chemical powders.
  • US based formula is used while developing the product.


Stimulates the functioning of the adrenals for intensified testosterone production – the engine for all body processes. The product helps:


VIDARIKANDA EXTRACT Pramotes production of healthy semen & improves performance during sexual activity.

SHILAJIT EXTRACT Increase energy & stamina.

ASHWAGANDHA Increase endurance & boost immunity.

KAUNCH BEEJ EXTRACT Promotes feeling of enjoyment & motivation.

SAFED MUSLI EXTRACT Increasing sperm count.

Natural Components The components are gathered for complex influence on the body. XSTESTO Ultra Shakti strengthens potency and rejuvenates.


  1. Active substance VKSSA — a source of nitrogen oxide for treating erectile dysfunction
  2. The combination of VKSSA inhibitors (Vidarikanda Extract, Kaunch Beej Extract, Shilajit Extract, Safed musli Extract and Ashwagandha Extract) exponentially boost the preparation’s effectiveness when treating erectile dysfunction.

Start Bragging About Our Product

Frequently Asked Questions About XStesto

Will I be Able To Satisfy My Partner

Yes, for sure, we have several testimonials from our happy users, which certifies that they are able to satisfy their partner.

Are There Any Side Effects on Body

This is completely a herbal product and has patented contents in it which are completely harmless for body.

Will It Increase Penis Size

We will not brag about this, like the others usually do, but it certainly increases the size of your penis and improves yours sexual wellness.

How To Take Pill

Users are advised to have the pill after having dinner and should also make sure to take the pill half an hour before sleep.

Does It Enhance My Sexual Power

Yes, our happy users have said that they experienced boost in their sexual life and were able to perform well on the bed.

Minimum Age To Intake?

18 years is the minimum age to intake this pill to enhance the sexual power.

It's Time To Take Charge Of Your Sexual Health! Do you want to increase your sexual wellness and excite your wife in your cozy nights? Order now and avail exciting discounts on value packs and make your sexual life a lot more exciting.